God in a Laundromat


By: Derrick Engoy
Lead Planter

There’s an ongoing half joke (mainly because it’s true) I have with my friends where we say God seems to be absent from our church services. He’s absent because He’s outside among those who don’t know Him yet. He’s outside with the lost. He’s outside giving hope to the hopeless.

I had the privilege of chatting with a gentleman, today, that I met at Laundry Love Long Beach. I offered to do his laundry explaining that my friends and I love Jesus and we want to simply practice His example of generosity. He eagerly accepted my offer and off the cycle went…water and soap colliding to create a mesmerizing sudsy experience.

My new friend felt compelled to tell me he was agnostic.

And before I could interject, he went on to tell me that his best friend is an ornained minister. He and said best friend were talking, a week ago, about life. They specifically talked about faith and God. He went on to say that he grew up in church, but life’s journey navigated him through different turns and dips that drove him away from the Christian life.

He continued by explaining that his best friend ended their conversation by saying he would pray that God would show up in a tangible way in my new friend’s life.

Enter Laundry Love.

My new friend felt that God was trying to get his attention through our conversation and through the generous act of Laundry Love. We had an amazing conversation as the suds began to subside and the rinse cycle crept its way into the chamber to clean my new friend’s clothes.

I was refreshed. I was encouraged. I was reminded of God’s loving presence. And, as did my new friend, I too felt God’s touch in the middle of the laundry mat that we both now call home.


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