What I’m Looking Forward to About Church Planting


By: Ephraim Gatdula

I’m a pastor’s kid but I never really had the opportunity to exercise my “spiritual muscles.” Sure, I’ve led small groups, played on the worship team, and even gave an altar call once, but I’ve always had this feeling that my faith was too easy. Easy? Shallow might be the better word. See, somehow someway, the words faith, Jesus, Christian, church all meant the same thing to me. I knew in my head that just because I call myself a Christian or attend church regularly does not mean I have sincere faith in Jesus, but unfortunately that’s how I lived. My faith was rooted in the monotony, the exclusivity of church. I was taught by example to be more focused on what’s happening in the church than what’s happening outside the church.

But there’s something wrong with that. If you’ve truly felt God’s love in your heart, you’d know there’s something wrong with that. The Bible says, “Faith without works is dead.” The Bible also says, “Every tree that does not bear fruit is cut off and thrown into the fire.” Hard to swallow, I know. But the truth is, if you’ve felt the love of God, if you’ve somehow grasped even just a little of the mystery of His grace, you’d be pushed to action.

So what am I looking forward to about church planting?

I’m looking forward to breaking the mold of traditional church. And, instead of inviting folks to Sunday gatherings or special events, I would like to bring the Good News to them. That means stepping outside of my comfort zone of church and stepping into the brokenness and despair that has always been there (but I have just been too distracted to see). I want to invest in relationships with those outside the church, while the Spirit works in and through me. I want to be more like Christ and bring the Good News wherever I go.


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