A Picture of Community


By: Derrick Engoy
Lead Planter

I grew up a non-practicing Catholic. In 1994, I was drawn to the fancy lights and “rock n roll” glitz of the Protestant expression of Christianity. I’d never seen a live band in my experience of church before and, since I was heavily involved with the music scene, I was immediately hooked. It was a fun transition that, at the time, was just that…fun. Christianity became a fun environment that kept a teenaged kid out of trouble amid the Carson (California) landscape that was saturated by gang violence.

It wasn’t, however, until the turn of the 21st Century that I took my faith in Jesus seriously and dove into pastoral ministry.

Pastoral ministry, incidentally, has been fun. And, as my transition from Catholicism to being Protestant, I was immediately hooked to the idea of shepherding folks toward a more godly life inspired and driven by Jesus. I embraced the Christian culture, including the T-shirts, the Bible covers, the Christian-ese language, and the cheesy movies. I put a fish emblem on my car. I stood by the NIV translation for a long time. I put The Fish on all the presets of my car radio. I also embraced the “bubble” that has plagued the movement for so long. I, as I said, was hooked.

(Man, what was I thinking!)

The one thing, however, I always found peculiar that seems to be common place within the Christian church culture is the unspoken sense of competition between churches.

(continue reading story here.)


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