The Persecuted Church?


By: Derrick Engoy
Lead Planter

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.” – Acts 8:4

It’s amazing to think of how bold the early church was in preaching the Gospel. Saul and company were on a full scale assault against the church and they had every reason to go silent. Folks were being imprisoned, while others were put to death.

Yet, they still proclaimed the name and truth of Jesus.

It’s amusing to also think that the modern church allows the most minuscule situations to easily stop them from sharing the Gospel. We argue that our persecution is different than those of the early church. We allow verbal ridicule to silence our witness of Jesus and justify it as persecution. We fear losing our sets of friends for the sake of the Gospel and go silent in the name of persecution. We fear losing our jobs if we preach Jesus at our workplace, so we don’t say a word.

And then I imagine the early church laughing at our excuses. We let the thought of verbal ridicule quiet us, yet the thought of physical persecution fueled the early church more. They weren’t afraid of offending anyone. They knew the truth and they had to share it.

Which begs the question, are we actually allowing the truth of Jesus to move us toward experiencing Him in our context? Because if we did, we’d be quick to share it.


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2 thoughts on “The Persecuted Church?

  1. Good food for thought. Perhaps the issue is not so much “believing” the truth of Jesus as it is “experiencing” the truth of Jesus. In other words, as Jesus lights us up with love and grace, we’ll probably care less and less about the fear of man.

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