Impacting Our Community


By: Derrick Engoy
Lead Planter

Our church planting adventure has been an incredible journey thus far. We’ve formed our first missional community and we’ve been serving Long Beach for the greater part of this year. We’ve developed friendships that we’re expecting to last for quite some time and we’re realizing more and more that we are definitely in this thing for the long haul.

Below are quotes from a recent Facebook post by one of the folks that we serve through our Laundry Love days every last Saturday at Spin Cycle on 7th and Termino. It’s definitely a testament to the efforts we put into building meaningful relationships with those we serve.

“Soul Peace, Love and Harmony to Pastor Derrick Engoy and his Laundry Love team at Spin Cycle on 7th in the LBC. Not only did they offer to pay to wash my clothes, they also helped fold and take to my car. They bless people every 4th Saturday of the month by paying to wash their clothes. Much Love!! #sofresh #soclean #derrickengoy #laundrylove #blessing#whenyouleastexpectit


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