The Salvation Army


By: Derrick Engoy
Lead Planter

Thrift stores.

Red bells.

Donation centers.

These are all words associated with the Salvation Army. Many have flocked to their thrift stores for old school flannel shirts. More have dropped loose change in red buckets in front of malls across the country. And many more have gotten rid of their clutter by dropping off clothes, furniture, and that random souvenir coffee mug purchased on a whim at the Nebraska airport on the way home from visiting close friends.

The Salvation Army, however, is more than just itchy sweaters and their red police-like badge of a logo. The Salvation Army cares about people. They’re compassionate toward the broken hearted and the hurting. The Salvation Army, dare I say, is newer and fresher than most think. Because, let’s be honest, many have also written off the Salvation Army as an old and dying organization.

I had the honor and privilege, recently, of being part of a focus group conducted by the Long Beach chapter of the Salvation Army that sought advice from local influencers about the perceived image of its organization. It was an eye opening experience to say the least.

One of their recent endeavors, Caring Magazine, gives an inside look at all of the Salvation Army’s compassion efforts. It’s definitely refreshing to know, as we embark on the journey into planting in Long Beach, that there are like minded organizations in the city we’ve already called home.


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