Branch Roasts


Because sharing a cup of coffee is a good thing!
Nearly most, if not all mornings, begin with a cup of coffee. Albeit rushed for many, the little cup of Joe has found its way into our lives on a variety of levels. One of those areas is our social space. It’s no secret that coffee has a way of bringing people together. Conversations are stimulated, ideas are fostered, comfort is felt, and community is experienced over coffee.

We (well…most of us at least), at The Branch, love coffee and we love serving others. That’s why we’re excited to be able to infuse two of our loves together to make an impact for the greater good. We’ve partnered with SOLID Coffee Roasters to create a line of our very own Branch Roasts to offer to the public as a way of raising funds for all of our community efforts. When you purchase a bag (or two or three) of our coffee, you’ll be happy to know that all of the proceeds will go toward those efforts. In many ways, you’re helping us serve those in need.


Our partnership with SOLID Coffee Roasters
SOLID Coffee Roasters was founded to provide a new pathway of enjoyment for coffee lovers all over the world. Uniquely designed as a made-to-order coffee roasting company, SOLID is committed to making sure that people experience the ecstasy of drinking a good coffee that hasn’t been sitting for weeks on store shelves.

And that’s one thing that excites us in our efforts to serve you best…delivering you the freshest coffee possible.

Their direct trade with farmers from around the world allows SOLID to roast some of the best speciality coffee you’ll ever taste. SOLID’s direct friendship with these amazing coffee farmers allow them to pay them more and increase the standard of living in their respective communities. What we love about SOLID’s philosophy is that they think good business must be mindful of properly honoring those involved.

Help support our community efforts in Long Beach by purchasing a bag (or two or three).