Discipleship is discipleship. It’s the very thing that Jesus commissioned His original disciples to do and it’s the very thing we’re commissioned to do as His church. The Branch intends to make discipleship something its folks naturally do. We see discipleship happening organically.

Discipleship, at The Branch, simply follows the mantra as Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.” The idea is to have one person take one to two people under his or her wings and intentionally disciple them for a season, after which, those being discipled would then go on to disciple one to two people of their own. The focus of each discipling relationship will be personal accountability, reading through the Gospels together, and applying what they’re learning about Jesus in their lives and within their relationships.

The Discipleship rhythm of The Branch can happen within the Missional Communities, but isn’t subject to it. We believe that Discipleship doesn’t necessarily begin at conversion, but could and should happen long before it. In following the examples of Jesus and the early apostles, Discipleship, at The Branch, won’t be closed off to non-believers. Discipleship will be a blend of believers and non-believers looking to learn more about the ways of Jesus.

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