Sunday Gatherings


The Branch, as with every church, has a larger weekly Sunday gathering. Our Sunday Gatherings reflect a celebratory feel of life transformation through Jesus Christ. We, like most church services, have musical expressions of worship and weekly 20-30 minute messages that infuse 10-15 minutes of life transformation testimonies. We’re looking to celebrate God and to celebrate others during our Sunday gatherings.

Because we want to celebrate well, our other rhythms play a huge role in making our Sunday Gatherings a success. It will be crucial, in addition to the stories from Laundry Love, for our Missional Community leaders and Discipleship facilitators to sift through the life transformation stories and get them highlighted each week at the Sunday Gatherings.

Our Sunday Gatherings are held at Beacon for Him (439 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA) every week at 1030 a.m. Children’s Programming (3 years old – 6 grade) is also available.

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