A Picture of Community

By: Derrick Engoy Lead Planter I grew up a non-practicing Catholic. In 1994, I was drawn to the fancy lights and “rock n roll” glitz of the Protestant expression of Christianity. I’d never seen a live band in my experience of church before and, since I was heavily involved with the music scene, I was […]

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What I’m Looking Forward to About Church Planting

By: Ephraim Gatdula I’m a pastor’s kid but I never really had the opportunity to exercise my “spiritual muscles.” Sure, I’ve led small groups, played on the worship team, and even gave an altar call once, but I’ve always had this feeling that my faith was too easy. Easy? Shallow might be the better word. […]

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What is Worship? (Part One)

By: Ryan Reyna Worship is grammatically defined as the feeling or expression of reverence, honor, and adoration for a deity. Unfortunately, it is also defined religiously as a location, the act of singing, or playing of music. What is worship? Why do we worship? Who or, at times, what are we actively and maybe passively […]

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