Our Missional Community Resumes this Friday

MC Info

We’d love for you to join us for the return of our Missional Communities (MC) this Friday, January 17th @ 630 p.m. MCs are small pockets of believers “doing” life together for the purpose of growing in Christ and intentionally reaching the neighborhoods in which each MC is located.

This week’s gathering will be at 3139 San Francisco Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806 and, of course, it’s potluck style. Come hungry for food and for the Good Word.

We’re beginning a journey through the book of James, so dive right in if you want to get ahead and we’ll see you this week.



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A Picture of Community

By: Derrick Engoy Lead Planter I grew up a non-practicing Catholic. In 1994, I was drawn to the fancy lights and “rock n roll” glitz of the Protestant expression of Christianity. I’d never seen a live band in my experience of church before and, since I was heavily involved with the music scene, I was […]

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