Who We Are

The Branch is a new church plant in the beautifully diverse city of Long Beach, California. The mission of The Branch is three fold:

– To LOVE God and to love others.
– To LEARN the ways of Jesus and to learn our culture and community.
– To LIVE out what we’re learning, while living with the community we’re a part of.

Our vision is to cultivate multiple environments where the intersecting stories of Jesus and humanity can be shared, so to make way for a challenging move toward living a more godly life.

We love to keep things super simple. We study the scriptures and we seek to live its truths out. We make friends. We serve others.

Our Sunday Gatherings are held at Beacon for Him (439 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA) every week at 1030 a.m. Children’s Programming (3 years old – 6 grade) is also available.